Compressed Air Flowmeter Vortex Steam Flow Meter

Nominal Diameter :DN15~DN400
Nominal Pressure:PN40
Process Temperature:-40℃ ~ 260℃
Process Connection:Flange: GB, ANSI, DIN, JIS
Volume Flow Accuracy: Liquid: ± 0.75%/Steam & Gas: ± 1%
Mass Flow Accuracy: Liquid: ± 0.85% / Steam & Gas: ± 1.5%
Output Signal:4~20mA Frequency / Pulse / Switch Output
Communication:HART, Modbus RS485, PROFIBUS DP
Current Input:4~20mA
Protection Grade:IP66 / IP67
Application:Electric-Power, Chemical and Food Industry
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Vortex flow meter in order to adapt to different caliber and scene is divided into: clamping vortex flow meter, insertion vortex flow meter, flange vortex flow meter; can be in -20 ℃ ~ +350 ℃ working temperature range. Mainly used for industrial pipeline media fluid flow measurement, such as gas, liquid, steam and other media.

Vortex Steam Flow Meter is characterized by small pressure loss, large range, high accuracy, in the measurement of work volume flow is almost independent of the fluid density, pressure, temperature, viscosity and other parameters. No moving mechanical parts, so high reliability and low maintenance.