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Aimag D clamped magnetic flow meter

Aimag D clamped electromagnetic flowmeter is specially designed for mediums with limited installation space.And it is widely used in  flow measurement of raw water, drinking water, process water and sewage.


Sensor model
Aimag D
Water/sewage treatment /irriagtion system
Diameter DN6~DN2000
Electrode material Staninelss steel,Hastelloy B/C ,Titanium,Platinum
Liner material and process temperature


PTFE:-40~130 ℃(compact type)

PTFE:-40~180℃(remote type)

Process connection Flange :GB,ANSI,DIN,JIS
Process pressure PN10~40,CL 150/300,JIS10K/20K
Accuracy calss ±0.5%/0.2%
Output signal 4~20mA frequency/pulse
Communication Hart ,Modbus RS485,PROFIBUSDP
Explosion-proof grade Exd II BT6 Gb
Protexction level IP67(IP68 optional)
  • For application scenarios with limited installation space

  • Flangeless compact clamping design

  • Clamping distance and light weight ,Integral type / split type optional

  • The measurement is not affected by pressure, density and temperature

  • The sensor adopts the overall welding process, which is strong and durable

  • No moving parts, maintenance-free

  • Water/sewage industry standard application instrument

  • Rich variety of linings and electrodes


ARTang calibration system