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ARTang provide best flow measurement solution for the electroplating factory

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 ARTang provide best flow measurement solution for the electroplating factory

Project Requirements

The electroplating plant uses an electromagnetic flowmeter to measure the flow through the pipe in the process of alkali -adding ,oil-removal, to control the alkali liquid quantifiably, to prevent the  excessive alkali -washing ,excessive alkali -washing  will damage the electroplating parts.

Selection Recommendations

We provide customers with magnetic flow,the instrument withPTFE liners and platinum electrodes ,which are esistant to concentrated acid and alkali mediums.

Customer Feedbacks

  • The electrode and lining properties of the sensor are stable and can resist the corrosion of concentrated alkali in the electroplating process.

  • The new signal processing technology can ensure the exact quantity of the plating process.

  • After-sales staff interaction is timely, frequent, Include:  regular client-review,customer satisfaction survey,and real-time focusing on instrument performance in factory.


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About ARTang
ARTang is the flow & level measurement manufacturer in China, specialied in electromagnetic flowmeter, liquid analysis, vortex flowmeter, level meter, widely used in water/sewage flow measurement, chemical process flow measurement, food process flow measurement, flow measurement of solid liquid, steam delivery flow measurement.
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