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ARTang magnetic flow meters in dosing pipe of water plant

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ARTang magnetic flow meters in dosing pipe of water plant

Project Requirements

1.In order to automatically adjust and control the dosage of the drug and ensure the reasonable operation of the pump unit so as to make the management more scientific; that is,  installing the electromagnetic flowmeter in the pipeline of the dosing system and comparing the instantaneous flow  value that  detected by the electromagnetic flowmeter with the setting value continuously, and to adjust the value immediately when the deviation occurs, so as to ensure the water treatment quality.

2.The measuring media is various and corrosive, the diameter of the pipeline of the dosing system is small ,and the demand for  lower limit of the flow is high.

Selection Recommendations

According to the working condition of the pipeline, the medium is corrosive and the speed is low;We provide customers with Aimag A electromagnetic flow meter,and matching PTFE lining ,Hastalloy c electrodes ;It is strong corrosion resistance ;The minimum calibre is as low as DN15

Customer Feedbacks

The quality of water treatment has been improved after  using ARTang electromagnetic flowmeter in water plant.

The engineer is experienced in selection ,in addition ,to ensure the flow rate is stable and the measurement is accurate.  ARTang after-sales enginner treated the pipe with U-type bending pipe when installed the flow meter ,our demand for low flow rate can be satisfied .

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