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ARTang flow meters provide solutions for settlement of water charges

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ARTang flow meters provide solutions for settlement of water charges

Project Requirements

Customer uses electromagnetic flowmeter to measure the cumulative flow value through the pipeline for trade settlement and also realize the remote transfer of the data.

Selection Recommendations

After understanding the on-site working condition,the water flow meter need to be installed on the PVC U-type pipe ,and the pipeline  is 1m underground.Thus we  choosed the IP 68 protection class electromagnetic flowmeter for the customer, taking into account the characteristics of PVC piping, in order to ensure the good grounding of the electromagnetic flowmeter, we equipped the customer with the grounding ring, the grounding electrode and grounding ring redundancy design can avoid the  poor grounding effects.If the pipeline grounding is  poor , the dispersed current inside the pipe can lead to unstable measurement.In addition, considering that the water outlet direction of the U-pipe is down,the pipeline is not easy to full;If the bubble is accumulated in the pipeline,it will cause the display screen of converter jump and affect the measurement accuracy.Therefore, we recommended that the customer make bending treatment on the water outlet end of the pipe to ensure the full pipe, and avoid the accumulation of bubbles ,which will lead to jumping data futher.

Customer Feedbacks

  •  Water magnetic flow meter with IP 68 protection class, waterproof, moisture resistant;

  •  The magnetic flow meter adopts remote type design and can realize remote data tranfer,shortening the journey-time we we need to read the flow data,it is time-saving and convenient;

  • The small signal removal function of flowmeter can remove and cut the invalid flow,which can interfere with measurement result,and can gurantee the accurate and stable data.

  • Professional and technical support is fast.

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