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ARTang electromagnetic flow meters are used in papermaiking industry

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ARTang electromagnetic flow meters are used in papermaiking industry

Project Requirements

1.Using electromagnetic flowmeter in the pulp supply system in the paper-making process, measuret and control of pulp flow;

Process of fragmentation - -Measure the flow rate of the slurry to ensure the stability of the slurry during grouting

Grouting Process  -The ARTang Electromagnetic Flow Meter and Regulating Valve are formed into PID regulating circuit to ensure the stability and reconciliation of the slurry and improve the quality of grouting.

The grouting process-electromagnetic flowmeter is installed at the outlet of the paper pump ,matching with control valve and ensuring that the pulp flow rate of each type of pulp is adjusted according to the ratio required by the process.; Finally, the mix ratio of slurry is stable and uniform.

Selection Recommendations

Based on the strong corrosive properties of pulp liquid,  we seleced electromagnetic flow meter with  corrosion- resistant PTFE liner, titanium electrode for customer

Customer Feedbacks

ARTang  engineer  fully understand the production process of the paper industry, and can give professional opinion on the instruments selection; the electromagnetic flowmeter sensor is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, can meet the measurement needs of high solid content and high wear media in the paper industry. The converter circuit board adopts double frequency excitation magnetic wave design, the signal stability is strong, the measurement is accurate, the signal-to-noise ratio can be achieved in harsh conditions.

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