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ARTang Ultrasonic Distance/Level meter Ensures the Safety of Boiler by Expansion Distance Measurement in Power Plant

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As a technology-intensive production plant, thermal power plants are more prone to accidents. Statistics show that boiler problems account for more than 70% of the total accidents in power plants, whereas the leakage and blasting accidents caused by super-heater, re-heater, economizer, and water wall are the major problems that plague the safety production in power plants.

Therefore, anti-wear and explosion-proof are the foundation to ensure the safe and stable operation of boilers economically. During the production process, the boiler water is gradually heated, vaporized, expanded, the water level rises, then the pressure-bearing components of the boiler absorb the pressure from the steam, and each expansion indicator increases its expansion amount accordingly. In these circumstances, the ARTang ultrasonic distance/level sensor provides precise, non-contact distance measurement to constantly monitor changes in expansion. With the data, we can compare with the pre-configuration of expansion to prevent and eliminate the potential hazards.


Many range measurement techniques have been introduced in industrial applications such as lasers, infrared, radio-frequency, and ultrasonic signals. However, in our customer’s plant, they get used to the manual operation by the vernier calipers for expansion measurement. Due to the working environment of the steam boiler, the high temperature, vibration, and pollution are the major challenges to maintaining data precision. Every once in a while, the staff has to re-calibrate or replace the vernier caliper, which creates labor costs and resource wastes as well.

· Manual operation with high labor cost

· Low precision and accuracy measurement data

· No timely alert


It’s necessary to make use of the high technology ultrasonic for running the thermal power plant effectively. Ultrasonic signals are distinguished by their capability to estimate range with a high degree of resolution at a low cost.

In this steam boiler expansion measurement application, a wireless ultrasonic distance and level monitoring sensor use sound waves to detect objects, so it doesn’t need to come into contact with the materials it is measuring.

The acceptable expansion range of each component is preconfigured in the monitoring platform. Once the value from the ultrasonic distance/level sensor exceeded the allowable range, it will auto send the alert to admin quickly for on-site repairing.

Ultrasonic Distance meter

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