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ARTang Electromagnetic Flowmeter Are Used in Paper Industry

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Project Requirements

  • The electromagnetic flowmeter is used in the pulp supply system of papermaking process to measure and control the pulp flow.

  • Crushing process-measure the flow rate of mud to ensure the stability of mud during grouting.

  • Grouting process-Electromagnetic flowmeter and regulating valve form PID regulating loop to ensure the stability and harmony of grout and improve grouting quality.

  • Grouting process-The electromagnetic flowmeter is installed at the outlet of the paper pump, and cooperates with the control valve to ensure that the slurry flow of each slurry is adjusted according to the proportion required by the process. Finally, the ratio of slurry is stable and uniform.

Model Selection Recommendations

According to the strong corrosiveness of pulp, we have chosen the electromagnetic flowmeter with corrosion-resistant polyurethane lining and titanium electrode for our customers.

Customer Feedback

ARTang engineer fully understands the production process of paper industry and can give professional advice on instrument selection; The electromagnetic flowmeter sensor is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, which can meet the measurement requirements of high solid content and high wear medium in paper industry. The converter circuit board is designed with dual-frequency excitation magnetic wave, which has strong signal stability, accurate measurement and high signal-to-noise ratio under harsh conditions.

ARTANG flowmeter


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